CMT and Insulin Instructor Examiner, Rev. 4 (Approval required)

Clinical Supervisor (Approval required)

Winning the Turnover Battle (1.5 CEU)

Trauma Informed Care Implementation (2.25 CEU)

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (2 CEU)

Staffing Series – Examining the Problems, Solutions and Tracking Data (1.25 CEU)

Sexual Intimacy Developing Policy and Procedure (1 PC)

Resident Rights vs Protective Oversight (2 CEU)

QAPI; Top 10 Deficiencies (1.5 CEU)

Person Centered Care Plans (1.5 PC)

Music Therapy in Dementia Care (1 PC)

Managing Resident Care to Prevent Unnecessary Hospitalizations (1 CEU)

Journey to Excellence (1.5 CEU)

Improving Palliative Care (1.5 PC)

Guardians & Conflicts Navigating Guardianships & DPOA (2 CEU)

Food Service in the New Nursing Home (2 CEU)

Emerging Infectious Disease COVID19 (2 PC)

Driving the ISP with the CBA (1 PC)

Dignity, Morales & Respect (1 CEU)

Developing the Skill of Patience in Dementia Care (1.5 PC)