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Our Facility Needs Assessment Tool allows you to determine the resources you need to care for residents on a daily basis as well as during emergency situations.

Organize all your facility data in one place! This includes:

– Facility Profile

– Resident Profile + Staff Profile

– Staff Competency

– Facility Resources

– QAPI, Emergency Services, Facility Processes

Our tool will flag areas that CMS identifies as problematic for QAPI review.

Facility Needs Assessment Tool

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Kristy, Farmington Presbyterian Manor

What is the regulation that’s coming up?

The 2016 CMS Requirements of Participation mandate that all skilled nursing facilities (facilities) conduct and document a facility wide assessment to identify the resources required to care for its residents competently, during both day to day operations and in emergencies. This individualized comprehensive assessment must be completed by November 28, 2017 and updated whenever there is a change in the skilled nursing facility’s operations that would require a substantial modification in the assessment or at least on an annual basis.

Get ahead of the curve today with our tool!

What is the SDS Assessment Tool?

SDS Facility Needs Assessment Tool is a comprehensive assessment approach to facility practices, resource utilization, available and needed staffing resources, Staff competency review and resident profiling. Some of the features include calculating percentages of population by ADL needs, diseases and conditions, flagging Quality Indicator Items for easier referral to the QAPI Team, All Hazards Approach to Emergency Planning tool for directing exactly what priority plan items should have around the type of disaster, etc. This tool meets CMS requirements and then goes beyond to help administrators, owners, or boards of directors to look at what systems will need attention in the next 12 months for budgeting and planning purposes.

Get ahead of the curve today with our tool!

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