ALF Inservice Direct Care Staff

ALF Inservice General Staff

SNF Inservice Nursing Staff

Clinical Supervisor

CMT and Insulin Instructor Examiner, Rev. 4

CNA Instructor/Examiner

Insulin Instructor/Examiner

Level 1 Medication Aide and Insulin Instructor/Examiner

Dementia – 24 Hours a Day (1.5 PC)

SNF Inservice General Staff

SNF Orientation General Staff

SNF Orientation Nurse Assistant (Required 16 Hours)

SNF Orientation Nursing Staff

Using Quality Measures to Improve LTC (1.5 CEU)

Medical Marijuana in LTC (1 PC)

Hospice 101 (1 PC)

Level 1 Medication Assistant Student Training

Administrator National Study Course – NHA

ADL National RCAL Study Course

RCAL MO State Study